Demand for Thai property to grow by 10%

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Although the market currently remains “sluggish”, one expert has claimed that the Thai property sector is set to see demand increase significantly over the course of this year.

Anupong Aswapokin, president and chief executive officer of Asian Property Development, said that the economic slowdown experienced by the country had a negative impact upon property, TNA reports.

While the market has seen consumers delay their decisions to purchase new homes due to both economic and political uncertainty, Mr Aswapokin told the news agency that investment in the business sector would pick up.

As a result of greater stability, demand for property is set to increase by ten per cent during the course of 2007, he predicted.

Overseas property advice service Amberlamb urges investors to try to “second guess” the Thai tourist market in order to make the most of property investment in the country.

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