Deep Seaport Construction in Cambodia’s Koh Kong Province Confirmed

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Deep Seaport Construction in Cambodia’s Koh Kong Province Confirmed

A deep seaport has been planned to be constructed in Koh Kong province, one of the country’s four coastal provinces, to facilitate the transportation of goods, mainly from the province to markets.

The construction plan of the deep seaport has been planned for years, said H.E. Ms. Mithona Phouthong, Governor of Koh Kong province, in a press conference held here at the Office of the Council of Ministers this morning.

“We have a plan to build a deep seaport in the province and at the moment we are in the stage of dealing with the location for the deep seaport construction,” she said.

The Ministry of Public Works and Transport’s Spokesperson H.E. Vasim Sorya said on June 11 that the proposal of building a deep seaport in Koh Kong province has been made for about a decade ago, but slow progress has shown so far.

Feasibility study on the project has been conducted jointly between relevant authorities and LYP Group, a private firm manageing Koh Kong special economic zone, he said.

“For the deep seaport construction project, we have heard nothing in progress since it was raised up a decade ago,” H.E. Vasim Sorya said. “But for the existing local port at Dang Tong area, we are planning to restore it as we are now seeking assistance from our development partners.”

According to H.E. Ms. Mithona Phouthong, an area –called Thmar Sar, located near Dara Sakor park and Koh Sdech island, in Botom Sakor district, has been once selected for building the port.

The province can be reached by National Road No. 48. But in 2023, once the construction of Chinese-invested Dara Sakor international airport situated in Botom Sakor district completed, people and tourists, particularly air cargo can reach the province by air.