Construction contractors to be charged for April's Bicentennial Bridge collapse in Ayuthya

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Authorities will summon Design 2009 Company Limited, and other related parties to acknowledge charges for the collapse of the Ratanakosin Bicentennial Bridge in Ayuthya, on April 28.

The move followed the finding of evidence that the company used substandard cables and a forged document for the construction of the bridge.

According to Assistant Police Commissioner Lieutenant General Jarumporn Suramanee, authorities have found that the steel cables supporting the bridge were made of iron- coated strings, which were significantly weaker than that specified in the contract.

Investigations indicated that the company had used sub-standard materials that did not meet the standard specified in the construction contract. Others document were also falsified, including the sling’s quality test document from Khon Kan University, and a document of a construction engineer who did not take part in the construction.

The company also authorized the bridge for vehicle use when it was meant for pedestrian traffic and motorcycles only.

Police Lieutenant General Jarumporn said those involved in the case will be summoned to acknowledge the charges of carelessness leading to the death of others, next week. Suspects included Design 2009 Company, its construction engineer, and civil engineers from the Ayuthya Department of Public Works and Town & Country Planning.

Authorities will, without exception, take legal action to the full extent of law against any civil servants found to have been involved in the collapse.


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