Chevron picks Ezra for offshore installation contract

Construction News

Ezra’s offshore construction division has won a contact from Chevron to carry out oil and gas installation services in the Gulf of Thailand.

EMAS AMC is due to fit a number of wellhead platforms and associated pipelines in the area, with the project scheduled to begin in early 2012 and last for three years.

According to the firm, the contract will increase the order book for EMAS AMC to more than $600 million (£367 million).

Lionel Lee, managing director of Ezra, described the Chevron award as an “important milestone” for the company.

He added: “The total subsea order book for EMAS AMC is now past the halfway mark and is closer to our short-term target of $1 billion for the segment.”

Last month, Ezra announced details of three letters of awards for subsea contracts with a combined aggregate value of $85 million.

Mr Lee said the company would continue to benefit as the subsea construction sector grows in response to increased energy demand from the likes of China and India.

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