More than half of British expats do not want to return home

A new survey from Lloyds TSB International, exclusive to The Telegraph weekly world edition, says that more than than half of all British expatriates believe they will never live in the UK permanently again. However, only a quarter of expats are happy to cut all ties with the UK with three quarters saying it’s important to keep links with the mother country. The survey shows that nearly 60 per cent of British expats left the UK for work reasons. A third of those who are expats for work… Read more »

Dealing with taxing issues

Favourable tax regimes are just one of the things that attract expats to far-away locations, but the prudent expat must also keep a watchful eye on taxation back in his home country as well as his country of residence. There is usually an obligation for you to pay taxes in the country where you reside, and sometimes this can extend to worldwide income although quite often it will be limited to income generated within the jurisdiction in which you live. Each country tends to be different in the… Read more »

How the Tax system works

Suppose that every day, ten men go out for beer and the bill for all ten comes to ₤100… If they paid their bill the way we pay our taxes, it would go something like this… The first four men (the poorest) would pay nothing. The fifth would pay ₤1. The sixth would pay ₤3. The seventh would pay ₤7.. The eighth would pay ₤12. The ninth would pay ₤18. The tenth man (the richest) would pay ₤59. So, that’s what they decided to do.. The ten men… Read more »

Number of expatriate postings likely to increase

Four out of ten international companies plan to increase their expatriate staff over the next five years – but the nature of expatriate assignments is changing. According to a new report by the Economist Intelligence Unit, the movement of expatriates around the globe looks set to remain strong, despite the impact of the global recession. Though only 13 per cent of companies featured in the study said they had expanded their number of expatriate staff over the past two years, 39 per cent plan to increase their overseas… Read more »

Would you like to help Bryan Robson and the Thailand National Football Team?

We received a request to help Bryan Robson (ex-England and Manchester United captain, and now Thailand National Football Team manager), Steve Darby (Assistant Manager) and the Thailand National Football Team. We have decided to put our Manchester City allegiances to one side, temporarily, and turn a blind eye to Bryan’s past exploits on the ‘outskirts’ of the City of Manchester, in order to help the our local and adopted countries footballing stars.  There is a football academy’s grounds / facilities in Bangkok, and if the cost of renovation… Read more »

Thailand: Energy Drink Nation

In a land hooked on cheap energy drinks, a contender seeks Red Bull’s throne. BANGKOK, Thailand — Mongkon Kaewgan is exhausted. On a sidewalk near Bangkok’s busiest commercial district, the spindly 22-year-old is slumped over his electric blue motorbike like a rag doll. Nicknamed “Big,” Mongkon earns loose change zipping passengers through gridlock traffic on his bike. In his shift’s seventh hour, he is lulled halfway to sleep by the drone of idling cars. His cigarettes ran out hours ago. Each afternoon at about this time, Mongkon slips… Read more »

The long arm of the UK taxman

The long arm of the UK taxman A recent case has made it clear that if you have maintained connections with Britain while living abroad, you’re at risk of a bill from the Inland Revenue. What should expats do? For many British expats who have been banking abroad and assuming that their savings are safe from the long arm of Her Majesty’s Revenue, things have just become very much more complicated. A recent tax case has made it clear that if you are a UK national abroad, but… Read more »

Expats snap up ‘landed properties’ in Singapore

An increasing number of expats are turning away from the traditional apartment or condo to purchase property with land in Singapore. Land is scarce in the city-state of Singapore, but foreigners this year have been eagerly buying so-called “landed properties”. According to new research by property agent Knight Frank, foreigners were responsible for the purchase of around 150 landed properties in the first half of 2010 – only slightly less than the number purchased in the whole of 2009.

Retired expats ‘happy with their life abroad’

Nearly three quarters of retired expats are glad they retired abroad, a new survey claims. Stories of expat retirees forced to return the UK have been common in the past few years, as the economic slowdown takes its toll on pensioners. New data compiled by Natwest International suggests however that 71 per cent of expats who have retired abroad think they made the right decision.

A|Club, the worldwide loyalty program, celebrates its second anniversary

A|Club, a worldwide multi-brand loyalty program that is free and 100% Web-based, celebrates its second anniversary with its nearly 5 million members A|Club members earn points in more than 2,000 Accor hotels operating under the Sofitel, Pullman, MGallery, Novotel, Suite Novotel, Mercure, ibis, all seasons, Thalassa sea & spa and Adagio brands. Points can also be earned with Lenôtre, Europcar, Club Méditerranée and 12 major airlines. The A|Club card will soon be accepted in Shell service stations around the world. Moreover, other airlines will join the program by… Read more »