Cambodian PM seeks hydropower deal with Thailand

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Prime Minister Hun Sen also hopes to discuss a train line to Thailand.

Cambodian PM seeks hydropower deal with Thailand

The government is to ask Thailand for help to build a hydropower plant in the border province of Koh Kong.

Speaking at a cabinet meeting, Prime Minister Hun Sen said a possible agreement on the construction will be discussed by ministers from the two countries in Siem Reap on September 7 and 8.

“We will use the third joint Cambodia-Thailand cabinet meeting to discuss an agreement to cooperate on building Stung Metek hydropower plant in Koh Kong province, on the border with Thailand’s Trat province,” Mr Hun Sen said.

“A private company would also be involved in the agreement. The project expects to produce between 30 to 40 megawatts of electricity and could be run as a Bank of Thailand concession for up to 50 years.”

If the deal is successful, Mr Hun Sen said it could be a good model for the country to develop its border areas with Laos and Vietnam in the future.

“The more we can develop the borders the better it is for our whole country’s development. Countries develop based on two main factors – domestic stability and development at the borders,” he said.

Mr Hun Sen said the forthcoming third joint cabinet meeting will also discuss the construction of a train route from Thailand to Cambodia.

“Once everything is complete I hope to ride the train from one country to the other with Thailand’s Prime Mininster Prayuth Chan-ocha,” he said.

The first joint cabinet meeting between the two countries was held in Siem Reap and Thailand’s Ubon Ratchathani in 2004. The second meeting was in Bangkok in 2015.



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