Builders grasp chance to apply online for construction permits in Yangon City

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A building is under construction in Yangon. Photo: Ye Htut Tin (NLM)

Builders grasp chance to apply online for construction permits in Yangon City

Urban area of Yangon is wider and wider whereas newly-constructed buildings are mushrooming day by day. In constructing modern high-rise buildings, it was necessary to take a long time for seeking construction permits and for submitting applications at different levels. Currently, applicants are allowed for seeking construction permits through online system in Yangon City.

Test running
“Yangon City Development Committee implements online service system while studying things how to carry out reform process for issuing permits of building construction in Yangon. International Finance Corporation-IFC which is member of the World Bank assists Yangon City Development Committee in realizing the online system for issuance of the construction permit. The Myanmar Architect Council and the Myanmar Engineering Council sought assistance from IFC which conducted training to those who would participate in the service project. The online service was launched in August 2019,” said Daw Hlaing Maw Oo, Secretary of YCDC.

Training given to some 1,500 staff members
YCDC started cooperation with IFC in May 2018 in operating the online service in Yangon. The system for issuance of building construction permit in Yangon was assessed in detail through the mapping. Training courses have been conducted for some 1,500 staff members eight times. Technicians and experts cooperate with YCDC in implementing the system to have smooth and easy access for users.

Five steps
“Engineers and architects recognized by the Myanmar Engineering Council and the Myanmar Architect Council have to apply for the construction permits at YCDC through online. Those engineers and architects have been allowed to open their accounts in the system in order to apply for the permit. They must follow five steps as procedures of applications. With regard to the first step, the applicants must mention their profiles. The second step is to mention the facts about buildings. In respect of the third step, data from the first and second steps must be combined and attached to the applications. And, the data must be scrutinized and then it must be posted through online if all the facts are correct. The fifth step is related to the checking of office. If the relevant office approves the applications, the applicants must send payments,” said Daw Khin Thet Lwin, Assistant Director cum in-charge of the construction works.

Applying technologies
Applicants must submit their applications through website for seeking construction permits for the buildings. In the past, if one wished to construct buildings, they would have put their signatures and seals on all papers of applications.
After submitting the applications, the applicants were difficult to know where their applications were. Currently, the online application system cuts the time of work procedures and reduces the frequent meetings between staff members and applicants. Moreover, applicants can submit their applications at anytime. In fact, it is an effective, transparent and least cost process as part of applying the technologies.

“We don’t have time restrictions for submitting applications through online system. Users can apply for it at night or in the morning while doing other jobs as well as travelling here and there. As such, the online system can contribute towards conservation of environment,” said U Win Myint Than, No. 7 member of YCDC and in-charge of the building work group.

On-stop service
Currently, the Yangon City Development Committee is giving one-stop service to applicants who submit applications in person starting from 2014.
“We give services to applicants within 10 days through one-stop service if the cases comprise full of necessary documents. We expect the online system will be quicker than the on-paper system,” said Director U Nay Win of building work group of YCDC.

Chance to apply for construction permit through online
The test period will be set for six months in applying the online system to enable the builders to have easy access to construction permits in Yangon City. After the period, YCDC will review the weak points of the system and adopt the plan to add more smooth and clear points for betterment of the system. That is why city dwellers of Yangon will have the chance to apply for the construction permit soon.

The World Bank issues the Doing Business Report on a yearly basis to assess investment situations of each country. The report in 2020 mentioned Myanmar was standing 165th position among 190 countries throughout the world. Availability of building construction permit is one of 10 indexes for assessing the measurements of indexes.

More confidence
Myanmar stood 81st position among 190 countries in 2019 because of slow process of issuing the building construction permits. But, the country rose to 41st in its positions in the World Bank Report in 2020.

If Myanmar can apply the online system for issuance of construction permits successfully, such a move will catch more attention of investors in the construction sector not only in Yangon City but also in the entire nation.

Translated by TTA