BayWa r.e. Opens Wind Projects Representative Office in Lang Son Province in Vietnam

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PHOTO: Brian Barry (Head of Wind Asia, BayWa r.e.), Nguyen Dinh Dai (Director of DOIT), Daniel Gaefke (APAC Director, BayWa r.e.), Daniel Emunds (German Embassy representative, Economic Affairs and Development Cooperation)

BayWa r.e. Opens Wind Projects Representative Office in Lang Son Province in Vietnam

Global renewable energy developer, service provider and distributor, BayWa r.e., announced the opening of its Wind Projects Representative office in Lang Son Province, Vietnam. The opening of the Wind Projects Representative office will strengthen BayWa r.e.’s position as a key renewable energy developer in Vietnam and enable the company to provide a wider range of wind energy services in the country.

The opening ceremony of the office was officiated by local government officials, which included leaders of the province’s People Committee, relevant departments of Industry and Commerce, Planning and Investment, Natural Resources & Environment, Agriculture and Rural Development, Transportations and local districts and German Embassy representative Daniel Emunds, Economic Affairs and Development Cooperation as well as local partners and contractors. The new representative office is expected to promote positive socio-economic developments and impact for the local community.

Brian Barry, Head of Wind Asia, BayWa r.e. said, “We are excited to see the exponential growth of BayWa r.e. in Vietnam and look forward to working closely with provincial and country stakeholders. We hope that through our investments into Vietnam and especially the Lang Son province at present, we will be able to bring more value to our stakeholders and communities living in the area.

“This is a step closer for us to work towards achieving Vietnam’s strategy for sustainable and clean energy development and to facilitate the country’s ambition of becoming net-zero by 2050.”

Pham Hung Truong, Chief of Office of the People’s Committee of Lang Son shared, “We welcome BayWa r.e. opening its Representative Office in Lang Son. It is hoped that the Representative Office will be an effective bridge between the company and local government agencies, promoting the successful implementation of investment and construction of wind power projects of BayWa r.e. in Lang Son, contributing to the socio-economic development of the province.

“We acknowledge the valuable support of BayWa r.e. to the two primary schools of Khuoi Lay and Suoi Long recently; at the same time, we believe that in the coming time, your company will continue accompanying the local government to strengthen forms of support to local communities in the spirit of “Harmonious benefits, sharing risks!”.

BayWa r.e. first established its presence in Vietnam in 2020, with its head office located at Ho Chi Minh City. BayWa r.e. launched new services to its ‘on-the-ground’ operation in Vietnam, opening a solar distribution warehouse and new office facilities in Ho Chi Minh City to bring direct local access to solar PV, inverters, and much more renewable energy solutions. Since then, the company has been an active renewable energy partner in the Corporate & Industrial segment in Vietnam, developing Solar and Wind Projects, and providing Solar Distribution services.

In addition, BayWa r.e.’s development team also has a 400MW pipeline of wind energy projects across sites in north Vietnam and is developing 150MW solar projects in the south of the country. In Lang Son province, BayWa r.e. is planning to develop 240MW of wind energy projects to leverage Vietnam’s wind capacity.

Added Barry, “Our office opening is a key milestone and the culmination of 2 years of development and investment in Lang Son. But this is just the beginning of our commitment and partnership with Lang Son as we prepare for the implementation of our wind projects. With our Lang Son office now established we will grow our Lang Son team to scale up our activities in preparation for our investment decision and the construction of the provinces first wind projects.”

“Having an office located where we are operational will enable more efficient work processes and allow direct access for stakeholders to communicate with BayWa r.e. This will also facilitate future development of wind projects in this province. Our on-site employees will also be able to effectively monitor current and future wind energy projects, which will ensure the longevity of the developments.”

BayWa r.e. recently announced the successful completion and handover of new sanitary facilities for Khuoi Lay Elementary School and Suoi Long Elementary School in Lang Son Province. This is part of BayWa r.e.’s long standing commitment to helping local communities, and also reaffirms the company’s continued dedication to drive sustainable growth for the people of Lang Son province.