Bangkok’s Orange Line rail route changed

Construction News

The route change is designed to avoid construction along Thiam Ruam Mit Road and is expected to serve more commuters, MRTA governor Yongsit Rojsrikul said on Tuesday.

Amending the route will mean that the railway will start at the Thailand Cultural Centre on Thiam Ruam Mit Road and run along part of Rama IX Road to Ramkhamhaeng Road, Ramkhamhaeng University and Bang Kapi.

The Thailand Cultural Centre-Bang Kapi route, which is scheduled for construction in 2014, following calling of tenders, is part of the Orange Line linking Taling Chan and Min Buri via Bang Kapi.

The change will add about two billion baht to the cost and increase the overall length of the track by about 400 metres.

The 36km line is the most expensive of the city’s railway extension projects,  with the cost at 150-160 billion baht.

The MRTA is confident this route will generate the highest revenue, with an expected half a million commuters on average each day, bringing in revenue of about three billion baht a year.



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