Bangkok’s MRT Pink Line construction progress

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Bangkok’s MRT Pink Line construction progress

12 July 2019

People who reside along the construction site of the Khae Rai – Minburi MRT Pink Train Line, have been asked by the Mass Rapid Transit Authority to avoid accessing the roadway from 10 at night to 4 the next morning, to allow for the installation of monorial beams, the first of which is being installed at Tiwanon station.

The Mass Rapid Transit Authority of Thailand (MRTA) Deputy Governor Surachet Laophulsuk has shown members of the media the state of progress in construction of the MRT Pink Line monorial’s Khae Rai – Minburi section at Samakkhi intersection, Tiwanon road, Nonthaburi.

He said the construction is now 32.9 percent complete, with civil engineering 38.2 percent complete, and electricity systems installation 26.9 percent complete. The foundation for the track has all been completed, with guideway beams for the monorail system currently being installed by contractors, who have already put in place the first beam section at Tiwanon station, describing it as the first monorial beam ever installed in Thailand.

Each pre-cast guideway beam is 30 meters long and weighs 80 tons. The beams serve as tracks for monorail trains which travel along them. Installation of the beams requires transportation of each of them to their installation site, which affects road traffic. For safety, one lane in each traffic direction will be closed temporarily from 10 p.m. to 4 a.m. daily, with officials taking care of public safety and traffic flow. The MRTA will also be communicating with villagers in the area helping them avoid travelling on the affected road.

Source: Thaivisa & NNT