AWC launches $30.6mn plan to renovate Bangkok’s largest office tower, The Empire

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AWC launches $30.6mn plan to renovate Bangkok’s largest office tower, The Empire

Plan includes the launch of the Co-Living Collective: Empower Future concept, which will turn the tower into a new lifestyle space that embraces the future of work-life integration

Asset World Corp Public Company (AWC) has announced plans to invest US $30.6mn to renovate and add lifestyle places to The Empire, the group’s largest office tower, which is located in Bangkok. The group said that the launch of the ‘Co-Living Collective: Empower Future’ at The Empire would turn the tower into a revolutionary new lifestyle space that embraces the future of work-life integration, and strengthening Thailand as a world-class destination for the global workforce.

The Co-Living Collective: Empower Future concept is said to be the first – and largest – of its kind to offer co-living space to tenants. It aims to create a ‘wholly integrated collaborative model of co-living workspace that empowers people to achieve the next level of success in life – both professionally and personally.’

“The Empire is set to redefine modern workplaces and serve as a world-class lifestyle workplace destination with 1,500sqm of co-living space, bringing home-like experience and large facilities to the workplace such as a living room, a communal open kitchen and dining area, and a kids’ room and pets’ hotel,” the statement said.

Moreover, it will offer EA Rooftop, which is set to be a world-class rooftop and F&B haven with a variety of international gastronomic offerings, embracing with the hotelisation experience offering through AWC Infinite Lifestyle (AWI), while creating sustainable values for all stakeholders. The project is set to be fully launched in 2023, the conglomerate said.

“Today, new generations of working people are increasingly seeking personal value and purpose at work, while striking a balance between work and lifestyle. The roles of physical workplaces have therefore become more multi-faceted to facilitate connection, collaboration and innovation as well as to promote positive employee experiences and retain talents,” said Wallapa Traisorat, Chief Executive Officer and President, Asset World Corp Public Company Limited or AWC.

“As AWC’s flagship lifestyle office complex that continues to evolve, ‘The Empire’, currently valued at $613mn, is launching series of exciting new benchmark with the aim of creating an integrated collaborative model of ‘Co-living Collective: Empower Future’ to help people achieve work-life integration,” Wallapa said.


Wallapa Traisorat, Chief Executive Officer and President, Asset World Corp Public Company Limited

The Co-Living Collective: Empower Future concept at The Empire is envisioned as being a productive and collaborative space for working people to collaborate with colleagues and make the best of their creativity and increase their efficiency. It also aims to cultivate a diverse community of like-minded people to come together for meaningful and valuable interactions.

Central to the co-living concept is The Residence at Empire Co-living. This is a combination of uniquely designed workspaces on the 53rd floor that is offered as a complimentary service for all tenants, aiming at making employees feel at home in a relaxing atmosphere with features such as a living room, a recreational zone, a breakout area for video games and sports tables like pool and table tennis, a communal open kitchen and dining area, a kids’ room and pets’ hotel, and a nursing lounge for moms and their babies.

The design will also include shared communal spaces for individual work, group discussions and meetings as well as a body-mind zone with a nap lounge for a fresh restart, showers and changing rooms. Other features include a swing floor option, fully or partly furnished workspaces with materials and equipment tailored to tenants’ needs, such as flexible partitions, modular furniture, ergonomic furniture, as well as design and decorating advice services for convenience during construction.

With a total area of 1,500sqm spanning across the 53rd floor, the co-living space of The Empire aims to create a new benchmark for the commercial real estate industry in Thailand. The Empire is also unveiling ‘EA Rooftop’, which will be launched later this year. This will be Thailand’s latest and largest landmark rooftop destination, a fully integrated F&B lifestyle destination spanning over 8,460sqm, bringing together the world’s most renowned culinary experiences in one place.

With the design concept under ‘EA’ (eh-ah), The Empire Rooftop derives its name from the meaning of “freedom, air, celebration”. Located on 55th to 58th floors of The Empire, EA Rooftop will be an ultimate dining destination, leading by Nobu and many more restaurants, where visitors can enjoy a great variety of gastronomic experiences that cannot be found elsewhere.

AWC also continues to offer hotelisation to all tenants through the AWC Infinite Lifestyle (AWI) application, which connect tenants to the entire network of AWC affiliated hotels where they can enjoy hotel facilities and the “Office-Home-Hotel-Retail” concept that aligns with the New Normal lifestyle where people can work from anywhere.

As Bangkok’s most prominent building, The Empire continues to create sustainable values and is on track to achieve LEED Certification, the standard for sustainable green buildings, and WELL standard to promote the health and wellness of occupants and visitors.

“The Empire strives to become an empowering corporate address, with uniquely curated lifestyle spaces where business and recreation become one by blending Bangkok’s dynamism with a wide range of unparalleled service offerings,”

“AWC is committed in building a better future, we believe the Empire will play a key role in driving Thailand as a global destination for international work force. Once the launch is fully completed, the new Empire will become an ideal urban destination that fosters new professional and social circles of like-minded and trend-leading yet socially responsible people and businesses. We will build a better future together with The Empire Co-Living Collective, empower future.” Wallapa concluded.