Australia wants Thai workers to work in its construction industry

Construction News

Permanent Secretary of the Ministry of Labor Mrs. Songsri Boonba has revealed Australia is seeking skilled labor from Thailand to work in that country’s construction industry under a government-to-government contract. 

The Permanent Secretary said she had met with a delegation from Australia’s Northern Territory led by Mr. Greg Wallace, the charge d’affaires from the Australian Embassy in Bangkok, as well as representatives from the business sector in Australia to discuss the possibility of sending Thai workers to Australia.
Over 20,000 workers have been requested by Australia, all of whom must have experience and possess some English speaking skill that is acceptable to Australian employers. She stressed that it is important for them to be able to communicate in order to express their thoughts and feelings.

Language skill is required for workers’ own safety and to prevent them from being taken advantage of. To fulfill this requirement, the Department of Employment and the Department of Skill Development will provide those who are qualified for the positions with a language training program.
Mrs. Songsri said, however, that both countries will have to discuss this matter in details including the methods of selecting workers and testing their skill and which sides should be responsible for the process.


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