APRAG Conference 2020 – “Innovations and Challenges Facing the Arbitration Industry” – 16th – 17th January 2020 at Grand Hyatt Erawan, Bangkok


APRAG Conference 2020 – “Innovations and Challenges Facing the Arbitration Industry” – 16th – 17th January 2020 at Grand Hyatt Erawan, Bangkok

Warm greetings from THAC, we have the pleasure to invite you to join the APRAG Conference 2020 which organized by the Thailand Arbitration Center (“THAC”) as the host in this Conference.

The main theme of the Conference is “Innovations and Challenges Facing the Arbitration Industry”

The Conference will discuss the growing importance of international arbitration the significant developments in the domain of ADR and future trends in this domain.

The Conference aims to identify new opportunities for legal convergence to produce a more robust and predictable cross-order regime for arbitration, demonstrate good will of the member states, improve standards and knowledge of international arbitration in the region, attract international arbitrators and international arbitration counsel, legal practitioners, judges, in-house counsels, policymakers, academics and business persons for a fruitful discussion, and promote the use of arbitration and other forms of ADR.

This is the first time that this well-attended international arbitration event is to be held in Bangkok. It will be a full day on 16th – 17th January 2020 at Grand Hyatt Erawan, Bangkok, Thailand and is an event that absolutely should not be missed!

APRAG Conference 2020
Conference Schedule

15-17 January 2020 – APRAG Conference 2020

Day 1 Full Conference
Session 1 : Artificial Intelligence in International Arbitration
Session 2 : Challenges to Arbitration from International Commercial Courts
Session 3 : New trends of challenges made against arbitrators
Session 4 : The impact of the Singapore Convention on International Arbitration

Day 2 Full Conference
Session 5 : How can arbitration centres co-exist with local registered lawyers
Session 6 : Ancillary Legislation to support International Arbitration
Session 7 : Perennial problems faced by lawyers and end-users in civil and common law jurisdictions
Session 8 : Latest developments of APRAG members (ACICA; AIAC; BAC; CIETAC; DIAC; HKIAC; MIAC; Seoul DRC; SIAC; VIAC)

At Grand Hyatt Erawan Hotel
Bangkok, Thailand

For inquiries:    Panpradap Piyanakorn            panpradap.p@thac.or.th
Rungtawan Tiprod                    rungtawan.t@thac.or.th

We look forward to your participation at APRAG Conference 2020

Should you have any questions, please feel free to call +66 (0) 2018 1615 ext. 112 or Email: panpradap.p@thac.or.th, rungtawan.t@thac.or.th