Ambitious “landbridge” plans could see Thailand as hub of worldwide sea transport

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Ambitious “landbridge” plans could see Thailand as hub of worldwide sea transport

Thailand’s ambitious plans to link the Andaman Sea with the Gulf of Thailand and connect this to the Eastern Economic Corridor scheme for the eastern seaboard are moving forward.

The plans would see Thailand as a hub of sea transport cutting out the need to go round the Straits of Malacca and dock at Singapore.

Time and money could be saved that will swell Thailand’s coffers.

The “Landbridge” plans could also be a boon for tourism with improved communications links on land and sea.

Though the latest developments are not exactly strides in a forward direction, more like cautious steps.

The plan is to expand a port in the Ranong area then improve roads and railways to the Gulf. From there further improvements to ports and road and railway services as well as sea links to the eastern seaboard are envisaged.

Almost all travel between Chumphon, on the Gulf, and Ranong, on the Andaman Sea, is by bus, passenger van or private transportation.

A company called Index International Group (IND) has now begun feasibility studies and is establishing a business development model.

They plan to present their first findings early in 2022 after which an EIA (Environmental Impact Assessment) will be completed along with other ideas by September 2023.

The whole plan will ultimately link up with the EEC scheme on the eastern seaboard that includes a high speed train from Bangkok to Rayong and huge investment in infrastructure.

Ultimately the bigger picture is for Thailand to be a new connecting piece in the movement of sea freight goods to and from the west and China via the middle east and India cutting out some of the middle men on the way.

Source: RYT9 & Thaivisa