The birth of Thailand Construction News (TCN)


Picture this. I am driving down the little country roads, past the fish farms, on the way to work. It is a beautiful sunny day. It’s Friday 28 October 2005. I have been working for a client for over three years at Bangkok’s brand new Suvarnabhumi International airport, and it is my last day of work. I do not have a care in the world; apart from I have no client and no work to go to come Monday morning. No worries there then.

What am I going to do to find work?

None of my usual clients or contacts has come good.

Not heard from any recruitment agents (answer me this, why when I am employed do they call me with great job offers but when I am not I hear nowt from them?) – the main reason that not long afterwards (in the future) that I commenced my own a recruitment agent service, TCN Recruitment.

Tried searching the internet but six months work in Afghanistan is not to my liking.

I know, I will look through a few Thai construction job publications and get a job that way. Oh yeah, there are none. Note to self – “get home tonight and invent ‘Thailand Construction News’…”.

Actually, it literally went something like that. I had the idea that morning, jotted down some notes on how to go about it, and started it on the following Monday of unemployment. I picked up some work the following Monday by the way, thanks for asking.

On the 2nd of November 2005, we issued our first TCN newsletter and have been doing it ever since – a labour of love (or a bloody chore?).

Tell us what you think of TCN. Do not be shy, if you think its absolute ‘bobbins’, let us know. If it’s half-decent, let us know. If you have some ideas on what it should include – pictures of reader’s wife I hear you say (not!) – or what direction it should go in. Come on here is your chance to have your pop / say.

So any contributions – comments, jokes, funny pictures, etc – send to us via our contacts page and we will see if we can use it.

All comments received will be included, and all comments not received will be included. Eh?

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