88MW Ninh Thuan wind farm in Vietnam comes online

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88MW Ninh Thuan wind farm in Vietnam comes online

Ninh Thuan is a JV between AC Energy and BIM Group

Commercial operation has begun at the 88MW Ninh Thuan wind farm in Vietnam, a JV between AC Energy and BIM Group.

K2 Management (K2M) worked as owner’s engineer on the final phase of a vast renewable energy project, which has incorporated the development of the country’s largest salt production facility, powered by wind and solar.

Completion of the 22-turbine onshore wind project is the final milestone of a significant technical challenge to build a wind farm in a salt production hub, covering an area of 2,500 hectares.
The wind farm is now providing power to the salt facilities and the grid, powering thousands of homes.

It will produce 327GWh hours per year once fully operational, enough to power around 50,000 homes and avoid 298,551 tonnes of carbon dioxide (CO2) consumption annually.

K2M provided its wind development expertise to the project, working for two years towards end-to-end delivery, providing owner’s engineer services.

This saw its teams assist in technical specifications, multi-contract negotiation, wind assessment, design reviews, bankable reporting, and construction follow-up.

As part of the project, K2M issued 800 technical notes and memos, managed four contractors and up to 600 staff who were working on site.

K2 Management president for Asia Pacific Patrick Architta said: “We are thrilled to have been able to play such an important role in the development of this particular wind project, and to have had the chance to add value through our end-to-end owner’s engineer services.

“K2 Management worked on a design, a layout and construction methodology adapted to the complicated sea salt aggression in respecting the environment of the natural existing salt farms.

“After the success of the Dam Nai wind farm project, two years ago, in the same region, in the middle of rice fields, K2 Management has shown precisely what renewable energy can achieve in transforming regions and decarbonising industry.

“These power assets will not only provide green power to thousands of homes, but will also preserve natural sea salt and rice production, two industries that are vital to local economies in Vietnam, and decarbonising them is a huge step forward.

“It shows that with strong vision, a clear technical plan and outstanding delivery, co-located wind and solar farms can provide clean energy to homes and businesses – securing the long-term health and prosperity of local people and the planet.”

Source: https://renews.biz/73015/88mw-vietnamese-wind-farm-comes-online/