2.37 MW: Groundbreaking of first all-Conergy solar park in Asia

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Conergy AG (Hamburg, Germany) builds a 2.37 megawatt solar photovoltaic (PV) park for Indorama Ventures in Lop Buri, 155 km north of Bangkok. This is the very first solar PV plant in Asia that exclusively uses 100% of Conergy’s system technology. With this new megawatt project Conergy not only sets a new milestone for its quality components in Asia, but also continues its success story in Thailand with its second megawatt solar park within 8 months together with its consortium partner for Thailand, Annex Power.

Conergy system technology covering the size of seven soccer fields

The new Conergy solar power plant is expected to produce 3500 MWh/year and thereby supplies nearly 1,200 households. It avoids around 1,860 tons of CO2 emissions annually – equaling 700 airplane round trips between Hamburg, Singapore and Bangkok. Covering a total area of around 44,500 square meters, the new park has the equivalent size of almost seven soccer fields. Around 10,800 premium Conergy PowerPlus 220P modules, 135 Conergy IPG 15T inverters and over 1,080 Conergy SolarLinea mounting systems will provide clean solar energy from April 2011 on.

G.L. Modi: “We trust Conergy’s reputation for system technology.”

“Using Conergy’s high-quality system technology and being able to get everything from one single source was a crucial aspect for us,” says G.L. Modi, Chief Operating Officer for the PET business of Indorama Ventures Public Company Limited. “The local construction and operational management will be carried out by Conergy’s partner for Indochina, Annex Power based in Thailand.”

New landmark for Conergy’s system technology in Asia

“Asia is a very price competitive region, but our latest project in Thailand clearly shows that quality awareness and investment security are becoming two crucial aspects for any solar project in this region. The investor community has increasingly come to understand that the true cost to generate power should be assessed in terms of cost per kWh and not cost per Wp”, says Marc Lohoff, president of Conergy Asia Pacific.

“Conergy is fully committed to strongly support the development of a low-carbon society in Thailand by bringing our complete portfolio of industry leading solar system components to the South East Asian market. Our system solutions stand for best quality and security offering improved yields and a good return on our customers’ investments.”

The premium components for the new solar Park in Lop Buri are all made by Conergy’s in-house production. That puts the new project perfectly in-line with the current trend: Conergy is equipping two out of three of its solar power plants worldwide with its own system technology – in the case of the Conergy PowerPlus module from the ultra-modern factory in Frankfurt (Oder), the Hamburg-based company has increased the proportion in its solar plants by 56% since 2008. Not by chance but by certifications: The Conergy PowerPlus premium modules have scored best grades in the German DLG’s ammonia and salt tests. Due to their outstanding low light efficiency they deliver up to +3% higher yields. Conergy’s 3-phase IPG T inverters were previously awarded with the red dot Design Award and rated by Photon Magazine with an A+.

Twice as secure: Conergy boosts revenue potential for Investors

Not compromising on quality clearly pays off: Out of 1 million PowerPlus modules there are just 30 returns – a figure that sets industry standards. On top of this, Conergy offers for this project a system-wide power output insurance of 90% of the estimated performance. Previously customers were only able to assert claims for output decreases due to influences directly linked to the design of the plant. The Conergy output insurance coverage extends beyond standard industry practices of all-risks & business interruption insurance. As a result, the new Conergy solar park is twice as secure thereby boosting the revenue potential for its investor, the company emphasizes in a press release.

Thai solar market to almost double its size

With an expected growth rate of 23 % within the next three years, Thailand is aiming to almost double its market size to a total of 120 MW of new solar installations in 2011. By realizing the second large-scale project in this important and growing solar market in the South East Asian region, Conergy is able to further extend its international footprint. Being able to use its experience from its home market in Germany, Conergy is now active in 16 countries world wide generating already half of its revenue in its foreign markets making Conergy one of the most international German solar companies.

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