THAI Begins Flights From Don Muang To Suvarnabhumi


New service aimed at foreigners who went to wrong airport by mistake

Thai Airways today announced the launch of service between Bangkok’s Don Muang Airport and Bangkok’s Suvarnabhumi Airport. Beginning April 30, passengers can fly six times daily from one side of Bangkok to the other in under an hour.

“Last year alone we had over 10,000 passengers who went to the wrong airport by mistake, only to discover that they were in danger of missing their flight,” said a THAI spokesperson. “Now they can simply fly to the correct one and make an easy connecting flight through the transit lounge.”

By checking into the intra-airport flights, passengers will have their baggage checked all the way through to their final destination, as well as have their place on their connecting flight secured.

Using small, propeller-driven ATR-72 planes, the intra-city flights will take off once every two hours from 6am to 6pm, and make the return trip one hour later. The actual flying time is about four minutes and 30 seconds.

The low-flying planes will also offer passengers exquisite but brief views of Bangkok’s most famous sights.

The introductory fare for a one-way trip is Bt499. However, with taxes and fuel surcharges, the actual price will be Bt7,980.

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