Opportunity – JV or Funding needed for a huge Real Estate Project in CONGO


Opportunity – JV or Funding needed for a huge Real Estate Project in CONGO

We have a huge project which consists to build 2.4 million housing in both Congo (Congo Brazzaville = Republic of Congo and Congo Kinshasa = Democratic Republic of Congo).

This project is estimated at 50 billion €. And it must be spread over 10 years.

This project comes in the form of new towns to be created in each region of both countries.

In addition to housing, this project will include all social (sport, recreation, schools, hospitals, etc.) and economic (Mines exploitation, industrial plants, agricultural units, services, etc.) amenities.

These purely private projects (Governments are not involved) are the work of two private companies associated: SONOTRAP SA of Congo-Brazzaville and SOCAGRIMINES Sprl of Congo-Kinshasa.

We decided to start with the construction of 200,000 housing with 100,000 in Congo-Brazzaville and 100,000 in Congo-Kinshasa.

For the construction of 200,000 housing we need € 4 billion.

SOCAGRIMINES owns three untapped gold mines estimated at $600 million It can make available to financial partners to facilitate the obtaining of financing. This valuation was made by local geologists.

Also we can get government projects in Congo Brazzaville in the following areas:

– Highway from north to south 2,500 km.
– Railway: from south to north 6,000 km.
– Upgrade the water distribution
– Modernizing the electricity grid
– Replace the fixed telephone network
– Air transport: acquisition of 20 airliners
– River transport: acquisition of at least 30 boats
– Construction of the international airports in 10 major cities in Congo
– Bridge : 5 km on the Congo River between the two cities Brazzaville and Kinshasa
– Establishment of a universal health insurance

All these projects are valued at least €70 billion.

With the potential technical or financial partner would help us to find the initial funding so we could work on these government projects that we can negotiate and get easily because Maurice NGUESSO SONOTRAP CEO as the President of the Republic of Congo’s brother has a great influence in the country..

The requirements to join the project for any interested potential technical partner are to help us to find funding and to set up a joint venture for the implementation of the project.

We are open to any type of financing (loan to refund or acquisition and placement of financial instruments such as BG, SBLC, SKR, CD, Bonds, etc …).

NB: – We are seeking lenders or investors who can sign with us a partnership contract as a joint venture. They will realize with us all our projects.

– To start the project we did not really need to have all 4 billion. We can start the project with much less money (i.e. 50, 100, 200, 300, 400 or 500 Million).              
– The three mines we own can serve as a financial instrument. The technical partner should help us to monetize them and place them.
– BG: We haven’t BG in hand currently but we can get it with a specific procedure.
–  We are not prepared to pay any fees (pre-closing, attorneys, due diligence, registration, escrow, upfront, processing, court, etc.) before funding is available in our account.

Feel free to contact us if you have any questions about the project. We would be pleased to provide you any information that you feel necessary for understanding and implementation of the project.
Jean Claude VILA                                                                                                              
Mobile: +33 670412757                                                                                                       
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Email: vilasomicis@yahoo.fr

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