Yangon provides timeline, details of new projects

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The regional government will carry out plans to urbanise the city of Yangon

Yangon provides timeline, details of new projects

The Yangon Region Government will this year commence development of several new projects including the construction of two new townships and a Special Economic Zone (SEZ) in Yangon under the city’s Urban Development Master Plan.

Among the projects slated for 2018 are two new townships – Kyee Myin Daing and Dala- as well as an SEZ near Dala, on the west of Yangon River, Yangon Chief Minister U Phyo Min Thein said at the Myanmar Infrastructure Summit 2018 last week.

“The new projects will include the two townships, which will be built up as smart cities, as well as development of a new SEZ in Dala, which will be called the Yangon SEZ,” U Phyo Min Thein said.  He added that the city of Yangon will be given new green city features and remain the country’s economic trading hub.

The projects are part of a slew of new developments proposed under the Yangon Urban Development Master Plan, which was presented at the summit by Daw Khaing Moe Nyunt, Deputy Director of the Yangon City Development Committee (YCDC).

A total of 41 projects valued at $2.2 billion have been given priority status under the plan, according to the YCDC. This includes the new township of Kyee Myin Daing at the west of Yangon River.

“It will be good to develop the western side of the river as Yangon city is still small. The city needs to expand beyond its current boundaries or the congestion will get worse,” said U Ye Lin, executive committee member of the Myanmar Construction Entrepreneurs Association.

“We will need foreign direct investments. We will not be able to accomplish much by relying on local and public investments alone,” he added.

According to U Phyo Min Thein, detailed information on the investments required to urbanise Yangon Region will be released in May.

Sub-center development

The development of “sub-centers,” or major cities outside Yangon’s Central Business District (CBD), will also be given priority. The four townships earmarked as sub-centers are Thilawa, Yankin, Dagon Myothit and Dagon Seikkan.

Each sub-center will developed strategically. The Thilawa sub-centre, for example, will be established over 100 acres as a research and development, logistics and IT software hub. Meanwhile, Yankin sub-center will be developed as a commercial and tourism hub.

Dagon Myothit will include a hotel and a sports and leisure complex, while Dagon Seikkan is expected to host an inland port.

Meanwhile, Mindama will be developed as a second CBD across 200 acres, supporting downtown Yangon as a new hub for banking and trade.

The new CBD, sub-center development projects and townships will also be accessible by rail, according to the YCDC. As many as seven railway stations will be constructed or upgraded within the YCDC’s jurisdiction.

Other projects have been slated for development over the next two decades. These include industrial and logistics projects such as the upgrading and expansion of existing industrial zones and at least three new industrial zones in East Dagon, Twantay and Hlegu.

Focus will also be placed on developing Yangon’s power and transport infrastructure, housing and cityscape, social services, water supply, sewerage systems and waste management systems as well as on improving the city’s drainage system, earthquake relief programs and fire safety initiatives.

Source: https://www.mmtimes.com/news/yangon-provides-timeline-details-new-projects.html

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