Wat Yan Nawa and the use of solar energy

Construction News
Wat Yan Nawa is the first temple in Bangkok which has turned to solar cells as a source of alternative energy source to save power bills. It also hopes to set an example for other temples to follow on its foot step.

At an investment cost of about 1.4 million baht, 96 solar cell panels were installed on top of the Mahajesada building on the compound of Wat Yan Nawa. Energy produced from the panels will do directly to the invertors or transformers which will turn the direct current into alternating current for household use.

Although traditional electricity source is still being used in the temple, the use of solar energy has saved the temple about 20,000 baht in electricity bill each month, said Phra Promvachirayarn, abbot of the temple.

Phra Khru Wimonpanyakhun, abbot of Wat Pa Srisaengtham in Ubon Ratchathani, said that the 96 solar cell panels produce about 27 kilowatt of energy or 120 units each day. This, he said, has slashed about 20,000 baht from normal power cost of 300,000 baht per month.

While admitting that initial investment cost is high, Phra Promvachirayarn said that, in the long run, solar energy is worth the investment.


Source: http://englishnews.thaipbs.or.th/wat-yan-nawa-and-the-use-of-solar-energy