Vietnam – China railway will connect tracks at Lao Cai from 2025

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Vietnam – China railway will connect tracks at Lao Cai from 2025

Vietnam Railway Administration (Ministry of Transport) said it is working with the China National Railway Administration to agree on a point to connect 1.435 mm standard gauge railway tracks between the two sides at Lao Cai, deployed from 2025.

Accordingly, the two countries’ railway departments will promote the development of an inter-governmental agreement on plans and connection points for standard gauge railways between Lao Cai station (Vietnam) and Hekou Bac station (China).

This will be the basis to deploy the construction of this route in 2025, preparing for the standard gauge Lao Cai – Hanoi – Hai Phong railway, which is currently undergoing investment preparations.

Currently, the rail connection project between Lao Cai station and He Khau Bac station has been proposed for investment in the period 2021 – 2025 with a total expected investment of more than 2.206 billion VND.

It is expected that the project will build a double-gauge railway (1.000 mm and 1.435 mm) with the starting point at Lao Cai station (Km294+775) on the existing 1.000 mm gauge railway of Vietnam Railways; The end point is the middle point of the new Huqiao Bridge (China). In particular, build a new 2,85 km route from the north end of Lao Cai station to the middle of Ho Kieu bridge.

The Chinese side will also invest funds to build a double-gauge railway from Hekou Bac station to the new Ho Kieu bridge to connect the tracks with Vietnam railway.

Previously, the Lao Cai – Hanoi – Hai Phong standard gauge railway project was also assigned by the Ministry of Transport to prepare a pre-feasibility study report by the Ministry of Transport, which is currently being implemented.

Regarding promoting cross-border railway projects, the Vietnam Railways said that the two sides discussed the content of supporting feasibility studies for the standard gauge railway route Lao Cai – Hanoi – Hai Phong. and planning the Dong Dang – Hanoi, Mong Cai – Ha Long – Hai Phong railway routes.

The two sides also discussed coordinating to amend the Vietnam-China Border Railway Agreement to replace the Border Railway Agreement signed between the Ministry of Transport & Post Office of Vietnam and the Ministry of Railways of China in 1992.

The goal is to separate state management and operations of transport enterprises in international intermodal transport by rail; Enhance the sharing of information about the organizational structure and functions of relevant agencies and Vietnamese railway enterprises to jointly study and adjust the draft agreement to suit the railway organizational structure of the two countries. water.