Thailand’s $15bn plan to build one of world’s biggest smart cities in Chonburi

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Thailand’s $15bn plan to build one of world’s biggest smart cities in Chonburi

The Eastern Economic Corridor Office of Thailand (EECO) is set to transform Chonburi into a global ‘smart city’ by 2037 with its ambitious “Smart City and Commercial/Residential Hub” project.

Spanning 927.2 hectares (5,795 rai), the initiative will incorporate the EEC’s zone for new industry, which is expected to attract 535 billion baht in investment over the next five years.

Target areas for investment include medical innovation, workforce development, digital industries, aviation, logistics, food processing, high-income group tourism, and health tourism.

The aim is to create one of the world’s top 10 smart cities.

The 10-year plan contains three phases:

1. 2023: Detailed design and planning

2. 2024: Land adjustment, road construction, and public utility system construction

3. 2025 onwards: Opening of land leasing to private entities for development

Public-private partnerships will contribute 51.98 billion baht (9.7%) to total EEC investment, while the private sector is expected to invest 468.07 billion baht (87.5%).

The project anticipates creating a smart city for 100,000 residents by 2032, generating over 50,000 jobs, and supporting 150-300 start-ups. The infrastructure plan includes efficient transportation networks, public utility systems, and facilities aimed at enhancing local quality of life.

This initiative is poised to position Chonburi as a global hub without competing with existing Thai cities, but rather supporting mutual development.