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Construction News

Two Linden Comansa tower cranes are constructing a skyscraper in Bangkok, set to be 314m high when completed and already the tallest building in Thailand.

The MahaNakhon tower is due to be competed in 2016 when it will have 77 stories, a hotel, a shopping complex and a luxury apartment development called the Ritz- Carlton Residences. The building will also feature a ‘pixelated’ façade.

The project is being constructed by Bouygues-Thai on behalf of property developer Pace Development Construction, using two Comansa towers supplied by the Spanish manufacturer’s official distributor in Thailand, Smart (1994) Co. Ltd.

The first crane, a 24t LCL310 luffer, was erected at the base of the tower since 2012, with a freestanding height of 40.4m. Its first project was the construction of the MahaNakhon Cube, a sevenfloor luxury retail centre in the same area as the MahaNakhon tower. The crane, featuring a 60m luffing jib, is now being used for unloading construction materials, distributing them on the ground, and lifting them up to the first floors of the tower.

On top of the tower is an 18t 21LC290 flat-top crane, with a 40m jib and a freestanding height of 60.7m. The height of the crane was increased with the building using Comansa’s internal climbing system, reducing the number of mast sections required to 11 from the more than 60 that would be used to otherwise reach the required height of 340m.

To improve efficiency the 21LC290 is equipped with a 110kW-rated hoist motor, providing speeds of up to 228m a minute, and a high-capacity cable drum with 1,280m of rope manufactured by Lebus, enabling the crane to permanently work with double trolley and full 18t capacity.

The 21LC290 began constructing the core of the building in September 2013, finishing in April 2015. Both cranes are still operating 16 hours a day to meet the schedule of the project