Siemens zeroing in on the ASEAN market

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Markus Lorenzini, President & CEO Siemens Thailand, Myanmar & Cambodia
Markus Lorenzini, President & CEO Siemens Thailand, Myanmar & Cambodia

Siemens has a strong focus on ASEAN, and under its local-for-local concept, the multinational firm seeks to answer customers’ power needs by mixing local resources with its proven international expertise.

“Where the customer needs us, we are acting accordingly to build up our local resources,” said Markus Lorenzini, President & CEO Siemens Thailand, Myanmar & Cambodia.

ASEAN is one of the best examples where there has to be decentralized power. A brilliant example is Thailand, where the SPP program has led to the creation of industrial zones with their own power generation set-up. This set-up has allowed Siemens to sell 48 units of its industrial gas turbine SGT-800 to the Thai market.

Siemens has a long history of EPC capabilities on full turnkey power plants. As a matter of fact, Siemens had recently inked a contract with Petronas, under which the firm is going to apply its full turnkey capability to one of the largest power plants in the region.

“Our strength is that we know how to optimise the technology and give the best product and solution to the customer,” noted Lorenzini.

Siemens’ latest innovative product is the SGT-8000H gas turbines. The H-class technology boasts of over 60% efficiency, and Siemens is the only company to have a product with such a track record in the market. The Siemens SGT5-8000H is designed for 400 MW in simple cycle operation and 600 MW in combined cycle operation.

Environmental protection considerations as well as economic factors were taken into account in the development of the SGT5-8000H. This tried and tested efficiency pays off handsomely: Siemens has been able to sell 6 units of the H-class to Malaysia alone.

To further boost its gas turbine capability, Siemens acquired Rolls Royce’s energy gas turbine and compressor business on May 2014. The acquisition perfectly complements Siemens’ portfolio and gives Siemens better access to the oil and gas market. Although the deal is still subject to anti-trust approval, the plan is to integrate Rolls Royce by the first of December this year.

“We are proud to be here in ASEAN and we are continually building our footprint to be really close to the customer and serve their needs,” he said. –