Sealed bids for the Bangkok Orange Line submitted

Construction News

sealed-bids-for-the-bangkok-orange-line-submittedSeven construction companies submitted on Monday sealed bids vying for the civil works construction of the eastern section of the Orange Line from Thailand Cultural Centre to Min Buri (Suvinthawong).

The civil works of the project are divided into six contracts as follows:

The E1 underground civil works contract from Thailand Cultural Centre to Ramkhamhaeng 12 which costs an estimated 20.7 billion baht; the E2 underground civil works contract from Ramkhamhaeng to Hua Mark which costs an estimated 21.6 billion baht; the E3 underground civil works from Hua Mark to Klong Ban Ma contract which costs an estimated 18.6 billion baht; the E4 elevated civil works contract from Klong Ban Ma to Suvinthawong which costs an estimated 10 billion baht; the E5 depot, park and ride contract between Thailand Cultural Centre and Suwinthawong which costs an estimated 4.9 billion baht; the E6 track works from Thailand Cultural Centre to Suwinthawong.

Chor Karn Chang and Sino Thai in one group and Italian Thai development submitted seal bids to vy for six contracts.

Sanyong Engineering and Unic Engineering in one group submitted sealed bids for E1, E2 and E3 contracts. Unic Engineering also vies for E4, E5 and E6 contracts.

China Railway Construction and Christiani and Construction submitted sealed bid for depot and park ride contract.

The Metropolitan Rapid Transit Authority will open the sealed bids for qualifications on November 4; sealed bids for technical aspect for those which passed the qualifications screening on December 1 and the sealed bids for price quotation for those which passed the technical screening on January 6.

Contract signing with the successful bidders is expected in next May.


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