Real estate offers best salaries in Thailand, study finds


PROPERTY and real estate is the best-paying occupational field with salaries starting at Bt87,500 a month, according to JobsDB (Thailand).

It is followed by sciences, laboratory work, and research and development, with salaries starting at Bt83,276, and transport and logistics with salaries starting at Bt80,738.

Based on information from more than 40,000 companies, of which 80 per cent were in Bangkok, the recruitment agency suggested working people should develop their skills to help them climb the career ladder efficiently and become specialists in their fields to get higher pay.

“We want to help working people recognise opportunities in their career field and prepare themselves well, through skill development and efficiency enhancement, for next-generation industries.

“Our salary survey covers all career levels to provide a remuneration guideline,” Noppawan Chulakanista, managing director of jobsDB (Thailand), said yesterday.

The company said the findings reflected the real situation in the market, where the real-estate business continued to grow, mainly driven by local demand in line with the expansion of infrastructure such as the mass-transit system in Greater Bangkok and main cities.

Among managerial levels, property came up with the highest monthly salaries, starting from Bt87,500, followed by the occupational fields of sciences, laboratory work and R&D, with salaries starting from Bt83,276, and transport and logistics, with salaries starting from Bt80,738.

For the supervisory level, professional services with salaries starting at Bt51,208 was ranked as the highest paid job category, followed by insurance at Bt50,855 and accounting at Bt49,664.

The intermediate and entry levels were almost the same in terms of occupational fields, Noppawan said.

For example, at the intermediate level, telecommunications was in top position with salaries starting at Bt38,125, while banking and finance start at Bt37,667 and professional services at Bt36,133.

At the entry level, telecoms was also ranked the highest-paid job category at Bt28,467, followed by professional services at Bt22,731 and information technology at Bt21,854.

The top jobs in demand this year – from junior to manager levels – were related to sales, customer service and business development.