PS Plaza, one of Pattaya’s last vacant lots to become a 20-storey luxury hotel

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Another familiar landmark disappears with the demolition of PS Plaza.

PS Plaza, one of Pattaya’s last vacant lots to become a 20-storey luxury hotel

The former Tops supermarket and car park area at the junction of the resort’s Second and Third Roads has been sold to developers. It is to become a five-star skyscraper hotel. The site, one of the city’s last vacant real estate blocs, has mostly laid empty since the store closure in 2015. Tops later moved to the basement of the Tukcom technology center, South Road, which is its present location.

Originally known as PS Plaza, the former supermarket site opened in 2008 and also housed a tenpin bowling facility, retail units and a popular Thai food court. Kao Kao Subcharoen Demolition said that the plans for the new skyscraper hotel would be published next month and would provide luxury accommodation and primetime facilities for 1,000 plus people. The name of the purchasing company has not yet been released.
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Pattaya’s central areas, especially near the beach, have been largely rebuilt over the past 10 years and bear little relationship now to the old city landscape. However, the Covid era in particularly has Thai and international developers snapping up entire streets which were empty as Pattaya adopted its ghost town image. There has been little resistance to the massive takeovers which have been authorized at high speed by City Hall authorities to offset the bleak economic malaise. Like it or hate it, Pattaya will never be the same again.