Prominent Fluid Controls helps Thai flood victims

Construction News

Prominent Fluid Controls in Thailand has installed a water treatment plant that allows several thousand flood victims in Bangkok to be supplied with hygienically pure drinking water.

The plant cleans water from the streets, which are still flooded from dirty water from the city’s canals. This water contains micro-organisms which can cause skin rashes or diarrhoea. The plant is installed on a boat, and the population learns from the local authorities, when and where the boat is anchored in order to provide hygienically pure water for filling or collection. The water supervisory authority supported the action from Prominent and provided about 1,000 plastic containers to help distribute the water.

The water treatment plant is composed of several multistage filters with back rinse, ultrafiltration units, reverse osmosis membranes and a UV unit for the final disinfection of the drinking water. An emergency power supply provides the necessary electricity supply. The water generated with this arrangement is of drinking water quality.


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