Potain cranes help build and run Thai concrete plant

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A team of nine Potain cranes are not only being used to build a new precast concrete fabrication facility in Thailand, but are also supporting day-to-day operations at the plant.

Precast concrete construction company Hicrete Products & Technology Co received delivery of its new fleet of Potain MC 205 B cranes in January 2012.

The cranes are mounted on rails and can travel up to 400m to ensure complete coverage of the 160km2 site. Once a respective crane’s section of the yard has been constructed, the unit begins to support production activities by moving precast concrete elements and preparing new moulds.

In addition to precast concrete, the cranes lift a variety of materials and components manufactured at the facility, including rebar and steel structures. For instance, the units have been used to build more than 200 box girders since their arrival at the Hicrete site.

The 10-tonne capacity, top-slewing tower cranes boast 60m maximum jibs, and can lift 2.4 tonnes at their jib ends. Hicrete’s MC 205 B units have been configured with 45m jibs to suit activities at the facility.

Hicrete, which already owns eight Potain cranes that it purchased in 1990, is more than happy with the level of performance offered by the manufacturer.

“Potain produces cranes of the highest quality and no other manufacturer can match its longevity,” said Kosil Wattayu, engineering manager at the Thai firm. “Our new cranes are working hard to meet our demanding build schedules, and are helping our business grow. They feature the latest technology from Europe and I am sure they will give us many years of exceptional service.”

The fabrication yard is scheduled to become fully operational in Q1 of 2014, and will have the capacity to produce up to 500m3 of precast concrete per day. The facility will produce materials for a range of projects across Thailand.

Source: http://www.constructionweekonline.com/article-26055-potain-cranes-help-build-and-run-concrete-plant/#.UuzwzCaIpLM

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