Phuket's New Airport: See What It Looks Like

Construction News

This is the first opportunity Phuket has had to take a look at the new design for Phuket International Airport.

The new terminal is one long wave, with glass allowing greater visibility and many improvements to the present system and flow through the airport.

These drawings were screened last night at a meeting where Airports of Thailand displayed for the first time the graphics and the planning that will go into construction of the new international terminal.

By converting the existing terminal into a domestic terminal and building a new international terminal at a cost of about 5.7 billion baht, air traffic to Phuket will be able to expand to 12.5 million passengers annually.

The existing upward limit has already been exceeded, with 8.4 million passengers passing through the existing terminal in 2011. About two million of those travellers are incoming overseas tourists.

The new airport will alleviate the bottlenecks now occurring as Phuket’s popularity increases. But the next few years are likely to be daunting at times for airport staff and passengers.

We’ll update with details of last night’s meeting and what was revealed about Phuket airport planning later today.


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