Only a little over half of households in Mandalay get electricity

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Only a little over half of households in Mandalay get electricity

21 March 2019

Only 57 percent of households in Mandalay Region enjoy access to electricity, the regional government proclaiming that it will work toward electrification of 65 percent in 2021 and 75 percent in 2026, according to Mandalay Region Minister for Electricity, Industry and Construction Zarni Aung.

At present, there are 1.3 million households in Mandalay Region and among them, 750000 households (Only 57 percent ) gains electricity.

Therefore, electrification efforts will be implemented under the Department of Electricity and Energy as well as the Regional Government according to Minister Zarni Aung.

In the coming two years, power plants of 1000 megawatts will be constructed to distribute power using 500 KV lines to east, west, north and south of Myanmar, according to Union Minister for Electricity and Power Win Khine on March 16.

It is hoped that 65 percent of Mandalay households will be illuminated in 2021 and 75 percent in 2026.

Currently, the maximum power voltage of a power line is 300 megawatt.

“Power plants, which are going to built later, will distribute more than 1000 megawatts. Therefore, we have to use 500 KV power lines. Now, Meikhtila-Taungoo-Phayagyi-Yangon is being installed to distribute 500 KV. It will be the backbone for connecting northern, southern, eastern, and western grids. So, within 2 years, necessary power can be distributed from that great power grid,” said Union Minister Win Khine.

The current power production of Myanmar is at about 3800 megawatts and hopes to produce 3000 more in the coming three years.

Power needed for the entirety of Myanmar is increasing at a rate of around 10 percent per year, with the government laying down short and long term plans to cope with the fast rising demands.