Myanmar’s first glass bridge to be 160 ft high near to Goteik Viaduct in Nawngcho

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The Goteik viaduct was constructed in 1899 and opened in 1900 which is the highest bridge in Myanmar. Photo : Htwe Nge (Nawnghkio –IPRD)

Myanmar’s first glass bridge to be 160 ft high near to Goteik Viaduct in Nawngcho

Myanmar’s first glass bridge will be constructed 160 feet above ground to ensure local visitors get the most enjoyable experience, said a representative from the developer.

The glass walkway will be 160 feet high, 200 ft long and 120 ft wide, said Daw Lin Lin Htet Oo, tourism market in-charge from the Cherry Muse Company.

“This bridge will be different in design and height from those found in China. Myanmar has no glass bridges yet so we are worried that people might be afraid if it is built too high,” she said.

The Cherry Muse Company will oversee the US$5 million project which also houses restaurants, parks, rainbow slides and vantage points for sight seeing. It is being developed with Chinese designers and glass bridge experts and is slated for completion by October 2022.

The project will be constructed on an area of 17 acres approximately 1.75km from the Goteik Viaduct in Nawngcho (Northern Shan State).

“The glass bridge will be beside the world-famous Goteik Viaduct and you will be able to see the viaduct from here. I would like to invite Myanmar tourists to visit,” said the tourism market in-charge.

Cherry Muse Tourism will bear half of the cost of construction with the remainder to be offered as shares.

A memorandum of understanding has been signed for the project which is expected to generate around 300 job opportunities, said Daw Lin Lin Htet Oo
China is home to seven glass bridges and they have been popular tourist stops over the past five years. – Translated