Mayor announces 80 billion baht “Neo-Pattaya” investment to make city more liveable

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Sontaya Khunpluem

Mayor announces 80 billion baht “Neo-Pattaya” investment to make city more liveable

Pattaya’s strongarm mayor has announced his plans for the next couple of years to turn Pattaya into Neo-Pattaya.

This will turn Pattaya into a megapolis that is both a great place for tourism and for residents.

Sontaya Khunpluem has 80 billion baht in funds and potential investment to make his vision for the city – at present largely deserted due to the pandemic – into a reality come 2022.

INN reported 7 major projects and costs:

1. Work with civil engineers on 110 kms of drains to ease flooding by up to 80%. Cost: 17.8 billion baht.

2. Trip capacity to cope with sewage. Cost 750 million baht.

3. Monorail to meet the high speed train, three tram lines with 34 kilometers of routes. Cost: 50 billion (raised through PPP investment)

4. Infrastructure improvements for IT. Cost 500 million baht.

5. Na Klua market improvements to be completed by 2022. Cost 600 million.

6. Bali Hai/ Walking Street plans (as announced by Manager yesterday). Cost 4 billion baht.

7. “Neo-Koh Larn” project. Cost 250 million baht.

Meanwhile, mayor Sontaya also said that tourists from Russia and China will help Pattaya’s post COVID-19 recovery.

The resort will entice tourists from locations such as Moscow, St Petersburg, Shanghai and Guangzhou – areas with low numbers of COVID-19 infections – while tourists from India would not be considered at the present moment due to the high number of infections.

Source: INN & Thaivisa