Mass Rapid Transit Authority of Thailand Combats Terrorism with Improved CCTV Surveillance

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Mass Rapid Transit Authority of Thailand Combats Terrorism with Improved CCTV Surveillance

Mirasys Ltd, a leading provider of open platform digital CCTV and video surveillance solutions, today announced that the Mass Rapid Transit Authority of Thailand (MRTA) has installed a centralised Video Monitoring System coupled with Mirasys NVR recorders across 18 disparate underground stations to protect the underground construction, tunnel and train system. This surveillance infrastructure allows staff to monitor CCTV footage on-site and remotely via a central control room, improving security and addressing increasing terrorist threats as well as the subsequent security demands of the National Security Council (NSC) and Ministry of Transportation.

The MRTA opened 18 underground stations across Thailand in 2004, and has since introduced hundreds of Megapixel Camera’s to protect the underground network. Mirasys partner, Wire&Wireless, has connected this complex camera infrastructure with Mirasys Network Video Recorders (NVR) on each site via fibre optic cables which then connect to a Central Control Room operating Mirasys’ Video Monitoring System (VMS) for further surveillance analysis. This set-up allows security officers to closely monitor live and recorded CCTV footage both on-site from the Station Control Centres and remotely via the Central Control Centre, vastly improving security and operational efficiency across the underground network.

Mirasys’ user-friendly and configurable VMS platform has allowed the MRTA to take a targeted approach to CCTV monitoring by categorising and grouping footage from each camera. This has allowed for more effective surveillance of each individual underground site as well as the travel route itself, enabling the MRTA to respond and act on increasing concerns around terrorist threats in the area. The North and South routes are now displayed on separate LCD panels at the control centre, and an additional 18 Mirasys workstations also operate to provide dedicated remote monitoring and control for each station.

“In order to improve security on the underground network and address the increasing global threat that terrorism brings, the MRTA has used Mirasys NVR Enterprise and VMS solutions to create an intelligent surveillance infrastructure which will allow improved security across each site,” explained Noppadol Sukhmol, Country Manager for Mirasys Thailand. “MRTA is a complex organisation with specific security demands and a desire to innovate and improve the service that it provides. This project has been, and will continue to be, an excellent experience for Mirasys as the company gains momentum in the Asian Markets”.

Jukka Riivari, Chief Executive Officer at Mirasys went on to state “Mirasys has wide-ranging experience in the transport sector, having completed significant projects in Helsinki, Stockholm, Athens and now Thailand. Mirasys prides itself on the ability to create and tailor security solutions to fit the needs and changing demands of even the most complex customer, and the MRTA project has been a perfect example of how professionalism and innovation at the implementation level can deliver great results, both with regards to security and the efficiency of the service that MRTA is able to offer.”

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Mirasys Ltd ( is one of the world’s leading providers of open platform digital CCTV and video surveillance solutions. Headquartered in Helsinki, Finland with offices in Bangkok, Barcelona, Estonia, Frankfurt, Helsinki, Johannesburg, London, Milan and Paris, it provides innovative security solutions that manage over 300,000 cameras around the world. Mirasys flagship products, NVR Pro and NVR Enterprise, protect banks, retail outlets, schools, cultural and heritage sites and government facilities.

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