MahaNakhon – Thailand’s tallest building could be illegal

Construction News

The new tallest building in Thailand looks like a pixelated image in mid-downloadThe Association of Organizations Protecting the Thai Constitution submitted a letter asking the Office of the Ombudsman to probe the construction of Thailand’s tallest building ‘MahaNakhon’, after it was found in breach of several laws.

Srisuwan Janya, the Association’s Secretary-General, urged the Ombudsman to investigate why the Ministries of Commerce and Labor allegedly allowed a foreign architect to design the building.

He claimed the construction violated the 1999 Foreign Business Act and the 2008 Alien Working Act, after he found that a foreign national could have been hired to work on a job restricted to Thai citizens.

Mr. Srisuwan wanted the Ombudsman to investigate whether it was a negligence of duty on the part of the Labor Minister and the Director-General of the Department of Employment.

He also called for an examination of the building’s blueprints, which was submitted to the Bangkok Governor for approval. He speculated that a Thai name may have been used as a stand-in for the foreign architect.

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