Loxley to build Kingdom’s first Kompogas plant

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Graham Storah, executive vice president of Loxley International

LOXLEY International Co expects to start construction of the first Kompogas plant in Thailand by the end of the third quarter.

Graham Storah, executive vice president of Loxley International, said Kompogas utilised “dry thermophilic anaerobic digestion” technology to treat organic fractions of waste.The process produces biogas, which is used to generate electricity or can be converted to compressed biogas for vehicle fuel or industrial applications.”We are talking seriously with six companies in Thailand about possibilities for cooperation or earning contracts to build Kompogas plants for them,” Storah said.He said the investment for the smallest plant with capacity to produce 50 tonnes of biogas a day was about Bt120 million, and up to Bt2.5 billion for a very big plant with capacity to produce a thousand tonnes a day.

“Kompogas is a world leader in organic waste generation [treatment], with 35 per cent of the world market.

It is considered the best method to treat organic waste in terms of energy recovery and environmental impact.

“Using Swiss technology, the Kompogas process is proven for the last 25 years with 78 plants in four continents, including the world’s largest plant in Qatar. It has won many awards including the Global Energy Award, and European and Swiss Solar Prizes,” said Storah, who took about eight months to negotiate with Kompogas to bring the technology to Thailand.

He said Kompogas plants could recycle at least 90 per cent of all waste generated in Thailand. It also uses no chemicals and only a little water for the process. It produces no odour or wastewater and can be built in small areas. The plant can be built to handle any amount of waste, from 50 tonnes to more than 1,000 tonnes.

“The return on investment of a Kompogas plant will depend on its size and type of feedstock. However, the normal return-on-investment period will range from four to eight years.

“For Loxley, we expect to have some Bt3 billion worth of projects within the next five years,” he said.

Storah said Loxley began studying waste-management solutions in 2011 to find the best one for Thailand.

Kompogas was selected as it is the world leader in organic waste treatment. Thailand’s waste is 50-60 per cent organic, so Kompogas is best suited for this country.

Source: http://www.nationmultimedia.com/business/Loxley-to-build-Kingdoms-first-Kompogas-plant-30255487.html