Lopburi provincial hall becomes Thailand’s first to use solar energy

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Lopburi provincial hall becomes Thailand’s first to use solar energy

9 October 2018

Lopburi province is installing solar panels to generate electricity feeding the provincial hall, which has become the first one to use the clean energy in Thailand.

Lopburi province has been allocated 795,000 baht in budget from the Department of Alternative Energy Development and Efficiency for the installation of solar panels at Lopburi provincial hall’s rooftop to generate electricity for general usage.

Engineers have selected 450 one-by-two-meter, 320-watt solar panels to install on the rooftops of the two buildings of the provincial hall, which have a total surface area of 847 square meters. All solar panels combined will be able to generate a total of 144,000-watt electricity daily. The panels will be equipped with inverters and an automatic cleaning system.

The installation of the panels has been 90% complete, with initial tests performed. The solar farm is to be connected to the provincial hall’s power grid to feed power to electric appliances, making Lopburi provincial hall Thailand’s first and only one being operated on solar energy in bid to promote the production of alternative energy.

Lopburi province is considered a suitable area for solar electricity production, with 18.1 megajoules per square meter light intensity level daily. The province is home to 25 solar farms in six districts, producing 243.59 megawatt electricity, which makes the province Asia’s biggest user of solar energy.

Source: Thaivisa

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