Light-rail line envisioned for Phuket

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Old urban areas form a charming part of Phuket but authorities agree it needs more modern facilities and structures to become a premium tourist destination. (Photo by Peerawat Jariyasombat)

The Transport Ministry foresees a light-rail system inside Phuket and from the island province to Phangnga to boost Phuket’s tourism industry.

Transport Minister Prajin Juntong said on Thursday that he had discussed ideas to make Phuket a “premium destination” for tourists with Deputy Prime Minister MR Pridiyathorn Devakula and Tourism and Sports Minister Kobkan Wattanavrangkul. They agreed that Phuket needs modern transport systems and more hotels to serve 8-10 million visitors annually, he said.

ACM Prajin said the Transport Ministry would improve air, land and water transport of Phuket. Aviation development would focus on improvement of Phuket airport.

Regarding land transport, improvements to roads would be made to better link Krabi province and Phuket and a 60-kilometre-long light railway from Phangnga province to Phuket is envisioned. The railway would also extend inside Phuket province, ACM Prajin said.

Marine-transport facilities also could be developed to link Phuket with neighbouring Phangnga and Krabi provinces, focusing on local ports, the minister said.

The ideas will be further developed in detail. At this stage, the Transport Ministry is responsible for the improvement of Phuket airport and the construction of inter-city roads connected to Phuket.

Light-rail development should be the responsibility of the private sector and local administrative organisations in Phuket, ACM Prajin said.