Liebherr trio mix business and pleasure in Bangkok

Construction News

Three Liebherr cranes are supporting construction at the FYI Centre, a twin-tower office and hotel complex in Bangkok, Thailand.


The Liebherr cranes were selected by Thai Obayashi because of their ability to work at the confined Bangkok work site.

One Liebherr 125 HC-L 6/12 Litronic luffing jib unit and two 132 EC-Htower cranes have been deployed to the site, which is in close proximity to Bangkok’s Queen Sirikit National Convention Centre.

The cranes were selected due to their suitability for the confined workspace, and were delivered to lifting specialist, Thai Obayashi, by authorised Liebherr dealer, STIT Company.

“Our land area is 3.5 acres and is [bordered] on one side by a flyover, on the opposite side by a narrow residential street, and to the front by the main road,” commented Teerapong Aiemprom, site engineer at the city-centre site.

“We have been able to deploy the two high-top cranes so that their jibs are contained within the site, but it was necessary to have a luffing jib model for the third crane to prevent the jib from slewing over a restricted area,” he explained.

The FYI Centre, also known as the “For Your Inspiration Workplace”, consists of a 12-storey, 90,000m2 office tower, and a 14-storey, 239-room hotel tower.

The Liebherr luffing jib crane offers a maximum lift capacity of 12 tonnes, with a 1.9-tonne limit at full jib length. Both 132 EC-H units, meanwhile, offer a maximum load capacity of eight tonnes, and can lift 1.7 tonnes at a maximum reach of 55m.

“The 125 HC-L has a very small slewing radius through 360°, and the jib can be raised from 15° through 70°,” explained Aiemprom.

“[This means that] within this tight area, we can manoeuvre without overlapping the other cranes on the street,” he added.

The Liebherr cranes were erected at the FYI Centre in November 2014. The first stage of the project is due to complete during the first half of 2016.