Japan demonstrates latest technology in power generation at Thailand’s Power-Gen Asia Expo

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Bangkok: Over 7,500 delegates and attendees from over 70 countries participated recently in the Power-Gen Asia Expo, the premier power industry event for the ASEAN region, which was held in Bangkok, Thailand.

The expo is the industry’s premier conference and exhibition dedicated to the power generation, renewable and alternative energy and transmission and distribution industries.

Electricity use is rising rapidly as new major economies develop in Asia. This need for electricity drives a growing demand for electricity generation.

Japanese manufacturer, Meidensha Corporation, promoted their products for the electrical generation industry.
Meidensha started manufacturing of motors and generators in 1897. The company has expanded its generator business in both infrastructure and industrial systems fields.

The company is recently more focused on the ASEAN market, as an important business strategic region.
Daisuke Kuroiwa of the Meidensha Corporation said, “We have delivered many types of generators to the world, mainly through Japanese engine and turbine manufactures. On the other hand, we have delivered gas turbine generators through USA and also have delivered low-speed engine generators through Europe.”

As a member of Meiden Group, the company manages EPC (Engineering, Procurement and Construction) contracts of the power plants, as well as the electrical and mechanical design, installations for the production factories.
On show was an Ajinomoto Biomass plant, which is designed to utilise rice husk and wood chips to produce electricity and process steam to the factory, instead of fossil fuels.

Biomass utilised plants are in major demand in South East Asia, where the price of petroleum and natural gas fluctuates often due to politics and international market factors.
The use of biomass is expected to minimise energy cost fluctuations, and contribute to the reduction of carbond dioxide emission.

Thaworn Boonrasri, a project manager with Thai Meidensha Co., Ltd., said, “Thai Meidensha have several track records in the field of biomass utilised plants. Meidensha and Thai Meidensha have experiences and skills to satisfy customer demands. We continue our efforts to achieving a more convenient life, and providing a sustainable and stable society for the future generations.”

Japan’s new joint venture, Mitsubishi Hitachi Power Systems Limited, showcased their EPC solutions, with world-class thermal power generation and environmental technologies.
MHPS was participating in the Power-Gen Asia Expo for the second time since being formed in February 2014. This company has integrated the thermal power generation system businesses of Mitsubishi Heavy Industries and Hitachi Ltd.

Masao Ishikawa, Managing Director and CEO, Mitsubishi Hitachi Power Systems Asia Pacific Pvt. Ltd., said, “By the integration of the two organisations, MHPS is fully capable of producing a range of technological products for broader markets. I think this will have a huge synergy effect.”

Mitsubishi and Hitachi cover different types of product categories. MHPS manufactures a wide variety of gas turbines.

The company manufactures small gas turbines at the Hitachi factory and large gas turbines at Mitsubishi’s Takasago factory.

Ishikawa said, “In the Kingdom of Thailand, about 50 per cent of power generation is produced by our products. Also in Indonesia, about 30 per cent of electric power is generated using our products. We are continuing to keep up with the demand for small gas turbines, which is rapidly growing recently. We sustain power generation by fully utilising our products.”

Mitsuo Sasago, President and Managing Director of the Mitsubishi Hitachi Power Systems Thailand Ltd., said, ” The Integrated Coal Gasification Combined Cycle is a new coal utilised power generation technology that achieves extremely high thermal efficiency and environmental performance for the next generation. Energy demand will grow rapidly by the time of the Tokyo Olympic Games, as well as for the recovery of Fukushima area. We are currently building a large IGCC commercial plant with 500MW capacity.”

The company is optimistic about the future prospects of energy sector in Asia and the rest of the world. (ANI)


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