Huawei and BayWa r.e. extend their partnership to support Thai renewables growth

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Huawei and BayWa r.e. extend their partnership to support Thai renewables growth

Huawei and BayWa r.e. extend their partnership to support Thai renewables growth

Huawei and BayWa r.e. have extended their partnership agreement following two years of successful collaboration, to continue to provide premium solar products and solutions in Thailand.

Since 2019, BayWa r.e. – a leading solar product distributor – has been Huawei’s partner in sales, distribution, and a Certified Service Partner. During 2020, the company saw estimated growth of 30% in the Thai market compared to 2019. Huawei in turn, offers leading Smart PV solutions harnessing more than 30 years of expertise in digital information technology. This continued partnership will bring industry leading solar inverter, energy storage technology and services to customers in Thailand.

Thailand has clear ambitions to further advance renewable energy adoption; this is critical to meet the country’s target of reducing greenhouse gas emissions (GHG) to 20.8% below business-as-usual levels by 2030. Solar power, with a focus on distributed generation, offers the easiest path for renewable energy development. To achieve this, advanced solar technology with reliable and efficient service is vital to ensuring increased uptake of solar installations. Having local players like BayWa r.e. in partnership with technology providers such as Huawei will be a key enabler to support renewable energy growth in Thailand.

Junrhey Castro, Managing Director at BayWa r.e. Solar Systems Corporation, said: “Huawei is a key supplier and partner of BayWa r.e.’s distribution business. The technological advancement of Huawei products is excellent. The latest innovation of Huawei’s smart string Energy Storage Solution (ESS) further solidifies its strong position in the solar industry. On top of solar inverters, the energy storage products are now available with BayWa r.e. for distribution to bring technological benefits to our customers. We are glad to continue our growth in Southeast Asia, being Huawei’s key partner.”

Mr. Jason Wu, Huawei’s Director of Digital Power Business in Thailand, said: “Huawei is proud to continue the close collaboration and VAP agreement with BayWa r.e. The global trade and distribution experience of BayWa r.e. is key for us to further expand Huawei’s leading solar technology footprint in the Southeast Asia region. We look forward to broadening our business relationship with BayWa r.e.”

About BayWa r.e.

At BayWa r.e. we r.e. think energy – how it is produced, stored and can be best used to enable the global renewable energy transition that is essential to the future of our planet.

We are a leading global developer, service supplier, distributor and solutions provider and have brought over 4 GW of energy online and manage over 10 GW of assets. We are also an Independent Power Producer with an expanding energy trading business.

BayWa r.e. has one of the most experienced renewable energy teams in Asia Pacific with close to 200 employees working in the region across offices in Tokyo, Perth, Melbourne, Ho Chi Minh City, Cyberjaya, Seoul, Manila and our regional headquarter in Bangkok, Thailand.

BayWa r.e. works with businesses worldwide to provide tailored renewable solutions. Operating 100% carbon neutral, we are also committed to our own sustainability journey.

Every day, we are working hard to actively shape the future of energy in a diverse, equitable and inclusive workplace.

Our shareholders are BayWa AG, a €17.2 billion global business, and Energy Infrastructure Partners, a leader in energy infrastructure investment.

Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd.:

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