High-rise construction inspections reveal no Yangon regulation breaches

Construction News Myanmar

High rise buildings that were ordered to temporarily cease construction and reduce floor levels were identified after inspections by the Finance, Planning and Economic Committee, that everything is kosher.

The committee has submitted its findings on 12 construction sites to the Yangon Regional government, suggesting that there should not be any legal action taken against them.

Sandar Min, chairperson of the committee on employment, submitted our report to the government. We met with the business owners two to three times as well as doing on-site inspections. When the order came from the government for the buildings to reduce the amount of floors due to lack of parking space, we investigated. We found that it was within the municipal’s specifications of 6-by-18 feet. We even found that some places were made with 20 per cent more room for the guests. There is an order to reduce the floor levels which also means there are fewer rooms.”

She later again reiterated the point that all of the construction activities were well within state rules and regulations.

The Yangon Region government ordered the temporary closing of over 200 high rise buildings, which were approved under the previous administration, and amongst them, 12 were chosen and ordered to reduce their floor levels.

There have been criticisms both by the public and by professionals within the construction sector that this decision by the government does more harm than good, such as placing daily wage construction workers out of their jobs.

A press conference was also held by business owners on July 21 at Novotel Yangon, which made claims that the government’s decision severely damages the construction market to a point where it might collapse.

Source: http://www.elevenmyanmar.com/local/5527