Godrej & Boyce supplies high-pressure separators for the clean fuel refinery project in Thailand

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Godrej & Boyce supplies high-pressure separators for the clean fuel refinery project in Thailand

The upgradation project will improve quality of transportation fuel and reduce harmful gas emissions

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Godrej & Boyce, the flagship company of the Godrej Group, announced that its business Godrej Process Equipment, has supplied a high-pressure separator for the clean fuel refinery project in Thailand for their Euro V upgradation. The Company has also supplied other critical equipment such as pressure vessels, high pressure Breechlock heat exchangers and columns for this project.

The high-pressure separator having a design pressure above 160 bar is unique owing to the thickness of the shell wall, which is over 310 mm (equivalent to 6000 stacked papers) and the highest ever made by Godrej Process Equipment. The upgradation project will improve the quality of transportation fuels and primarily focuses on reduction of particulate matter (pm) and nitrogen oxides (NOx) emissions. When complete, the refinery’s production capability will increase by 45% boosting its output of high-quality clean fuels.

Hussain Shariyarr, senior VP & business head, Godrej Process Equipment, said, “Meticulous planning during design & sourcing coupled with the use of advanced technologies & automation during the manufacturing process has helped in meeting the stringent quality and dimensional requirements of this project.”

Godrej Process Equipment has manufactured and supplied bespoke equipment to 34 countries worldwide including some notable critical projects in various countries like Singapore, Nigeria, USA, etc.

Source: https://www.constructionweekonline.in/projects-tenders/20915-godrej-boyce-supplies-high-pressure-separators-for-the-clean-fuel-refinery-project-in-thailand