Frasers Property Industrial (Thailand) unveils new-generation of standard factory

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Frasers Property Industrial (Thailand) unveils new-generation of standard factory

Unveils new-generation of standard factory under Smart & Sustainable concept, as demand for sustainability surges among MNCs, starting with German company Ziehl-Abegg

Frasers Property Industrial (Thailand) Company Limited (FPIT), a leading industrial property developer in Thailand and subsidiary of Frasers Property Thailand Public Company Limited (FPT), has successfully developed and delivered the “new-generation factory for the Industry 4.0 era” to Ziehl-Abegg (Thailand) Ltd., a leading German developer and manufacturer of fans, motors, and control systems for industrial purposes with over 100 years of experience.

The new-generation factory is the third model developed and designed by FPIT to meet the demands for sustainable industrial operations in all dimensions, with an emphasis on energy efficiency and the environment. It promotes the use of technology and the smart system that can enhance operations while elevating the living standards of all building users. The new-generation facility will serve as the prototype for standard factories that will be developed and delivered to clients in the future.

Recognising the importance of the environment, the living standards of its employees, and the move towards sustainable manufacturing management, Ziehl-Abegg (Thailand) has entrusted FPIT to develop an additional fourth plant, designed under the Smart & Sustainable concept and which helps to boost efficiency in operations. The latest plant is located in an area adjacent to an existing plant within an industrial estate in Rayong, with usable space of over 6,800 square metres, for use as a manufacturing and storage facility. At present, Ziehl-Abegg (Thailand) is one of FPIT’s major clients which has continued to lease factory space for over 10 years, with the total space rented amounting to 15,000 square metres.

Mr. Sopon Racharaksa, President of Frasers Property Industrial (Thailand)

Mr. Sopon Racharaksa, President of Frasers Property Industrial (Thailand), said: “At FPIT, sustainability is at the cornerstone of what we do, and we recognise that sustainable and smart industrial properties are well-sought after by multinational corporations. To elevate the standard of the industrial sector in Thailand, we remain committed to developing modern factories and warehouses by supporting sustainable innovation, choosing eco-friendly construction materials as well as promoting optimal infrastructure and resource management which minimise impact on the environment. We are encouraged by the continued trust Ziehl-Abegg (Thailand) has put in our company to develop a new smart and sustainable factory, which we hope will be a model for the industry. We want to continue to partner our clients and stakeholders in the entire eco-system to achieve our sustainability goals.”

This new-generation of standard factory has been evaluated in terms of design according to Thailand’s Rating of Energy and Environmental Sustainability (TREES) and has been reviewed for a “Gold” rating. This achievement is testament to the excellent architectural and engineering design, the use of non-polluting construction materials and eco-friendly products in building the plant, as well as how the design of the plant promotes the quality of life and resource utilisation.

As a leader in the industrial property with over three decades of experience, FPIT will continue to develop products and services and offer comprehensive solutions that meet the demands of all clients. Aligned with Frasers Property’s Purpose – Inspiring experiences, creating places for good – FPIT will continue developing factories and warehouses that promote sustainability in all areas and supporting its customers to achieve every long-term sustainable goal.