FPT GLOBAL assist General Electric at Tsugaru Wind Farm in Japan

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FPT GLOBAL assist General Electric at Tsugaru Wind Farm in Japan

The multinational conglomerate General Electric employed FPT Global to supply experienced electrical and mechanical technicians for the 38 unit Tsugaru Wind Farm located in Aomori, Japan. The main scope of work consisted of clearing punch lists and assisting in accelerating the current rate of mechanical completion handover(s) by pre-inspecting the wind turbine towers.

A key focus on this project was placed on torquing, repairing/replacing damaged components and overall quality assurance work. FPT Global directly coordinated with General Electric to ensure compliance and verification on all items to ensure they met or exceeded the required criteria.

As an additional service, FPT Global worked directly with the clients’ installation contractor to identify and recommend areas for improvement, providing classroom presentations and hands-on coaching sessions. Ronald Johnson Senior Director of the FPT Global renewable division was also requested to assist in facilitating the current schedule and provide leadership experience at the installation site.

Established in 2018, the FPT renewables division was created to meet the increasing demand for experienced electrical and mechanical technicians to assist in the planning, management and execution of renewable energy projects for clients across Southeast Asia and beyond.

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