Four out of five Thais want country opened up says survey

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Four out of five Thais want country opened up says survey

A major survey conducted by a group of foreign companies suggests that the great majority of Thais want their country opened up to tourists as soon as possible.

And it suggests that many other Asians’ first thoughts in a post Covid19 world are trips to Thailand.

That includes one of the country’s most popular markets pre-pandemic – Indians.

RYT9 said that three companies – Blackbox Research, Dynata and Language Connect – had teamed up for the survey entitled: “Unravel Travel: Fear & Possibilities in a Post Coronavirus (Covid-19) World”.

A total of 10,195 opinions of people in 17 countries were recorded in the survey.

A total of four out of five Thais (82%) expressed confidence that the country was ready to open its borders to tourists again. This was the highest percentage of respondents on the matter from any country surveyed.

People in India, Singapore, Hong Kong, the Philippines and Indonesia listed Thailand as the first place they would consider visiting when restrictions on travel from their own countries are lifted.

A total of 93% of Thais said that foreign tourism was vital for the Thai economy.

A total of 22% said that opening up the country was a priority – again the highest of any country surveyed.

Chief Operation Officer of Blackbox Research Saurabh Sardana said that the survey results were a positive sign for Thailand, a country that has been able to successfully control the virus and who are currently taking steps to reopen borders.

Source: ThaiVisa