Five Most Fluent English Speaking Countries In The World – You will be surprised

Image from English-speaking world

Five Most Fluent English Speaking Countries In The World – You will be surprised

Image from English-speaking world

In this article, we will take a look at the 5 most fluent English speaking countries in the world. If you would like to read our discussion on the global reach of the language, you can go to the 20 Most Fluent English Speaking Countries In The World.

5. Jamaica
Percentage of English-Speaking Population: 97.64%

English is the official language of Jamaica and is used in various sectors such as business, government, media, and education. Jamaican English, predominantly influenced by British language and spelling due to the country’s colonial history, has also been impacted by American English over the years. Furthermore, the presence of Irish immigrants, constituting the second-largest ethnic group in Jamaica, has introduced certain accents to the country.

4. New Zealand
Percentage of English-Speaking Population: 97.82%

While English serves as the de facto official language in New Zealand, it is not recognized as one of the country’s two official languages. Still, English is widely spoken by the majority of the population, serving as the primary language in government, educational institutions, and public signage. New Zealand English differs significantly from American or British English, with its vocabulary and pronunciation bearing a closer resemblance to Australian English.

3. Iceland
Percentage of English-Speaking Population: 98%

Icelandic serves as Iceland’s official language; however, the majority of its population is proficient in English. This proficiency is due to Iceland’s strong emphasis on English language education and its widespread use in the global economy. English is a core component of Iceland’s public school curriculum, with students learning it alongside Icelandic. Even in Icelandic high schools, English is taught as a secondary or tertiary language, alongside Danish and other Scandinavian languages.

2. United Kingdom
Percentage of English-Speaking Population: 98%

The United Kingdom has a rich linguistic landscape, with a total of 14 native languages spoken across its diverse population. Among these languages, English is the most common, spoken by a significant portion of the population. Despite the dominance of English, many native languages continue to evolve in the UK, highlighting the country’s linguistic diversity.

1. Ireland
Percentage of English-Speaking Population: 98.37%

Ireland recognizes two official languages, English and Irish, with English being the more commonly used language. English is the primary language used for most official communications and printed materials. Bilingual road signs are also common across the country. Hiberno-English, the variety of English spoken in Ireland, comprises several accents that blend elements of both English and Irish. In addition to English and Irish, Polish is one of the languages spoken by a significant portion of the population in Ireland.

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