Exergy wins Thailand waste heat recovery deal

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Exergy wins Thailand waste heat recovery deal

Italian company EXERGY has secured a contract for waste heat recovery from gas turbines in Thailand.

The Milan-headquartered firm won the deal in partnership with GE company Baker Hughes.

The order from EPC contractor Samsung Engineering will see the two companies engineer, design and build a 5 MW organic rankine cycle unit for waste heat recovery from gas turbines in an LNG plant operated by PPT LNG in Rayong.

EXERGY’s organic rankine cycle solution, which is equipped with the company’s Radial Outflow Turbine technology, recovers the exhaust heat downstream generated from the two Solar Mars 100 gas turbines installed in the plant, to generate 5 MW of electricity.

The cooling system uses cold water coming from the LNG regasification cycle as heat sink, in a temperature range between 5-38 °C, with no water consumption. The heat recovery plant exploits a large amount of the residual heat, which would otherwise be discharged by the turbine into atmosphere.

EXERGY says this will result in “increasing the efficiency of power production and reducing the environmental footprint of the power plant”.

The organic rankine cycle will start commercial operation in the first half of 2019.

EXERGY said the contract would set “a new standard for higher efficiency and profitability in the LNG regasification terminals market”.

Head of sales Luca Xodo said: “This first reference with PTT opens up a new target market for EXERGY, where we see many opportunities to innovate the existent ORC offer, leveraging the flexibility of its application and the higher efficiency of conversion of our Radial Outflow Turbine technology.

“We are glad to take the first step in this market with market leaders such as GE and Samsung Engineering, and we hope this will be the first of many future projects to execute together.”

EXERGY’s project portfolio today counts approximatively 400 MWe capacity with an installed capacity that has reached 331 MWe. The heat recovery application contributes with 17 plants for total 27.8 MWe.

Source: https://www.powerengineeringint.com/articles/2018/05/exergy-wins-thailand-waste-heat-recovery-deal.html

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