Engineers face charges after Bangkok crane collapse kills five

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Police and engineers on Thursday at the construction site where a crane collapsed and killed five people in Bangkok

Engineers face charges after Bangkok crane collapse kills five

24 January 2019

Construction engineers face charges after a crane collapsed on Bangkok’s Rama III Road, killing five people, police said Thursday.

Col. Sompot Suwanjarat of the Bang Phong Phang Police Station said investigators and experts are looking for the head engineers of the Lumpini Park Rama 3 Riverine condominium construction project. He said they face charges of fatal negligence after the crane partially collapsed yesterday afternoon.

The accident led to a dramatic rescue operation, as one worker was trapped atop the wreckage about 50 meters above the ground. He was brought down safely but later died at the hospital due to severe blood loss, bringing the death toll to five. Five others were injured.

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Sompot said police are working with engineering experts to determine the cause of the accident. He added that the developer, L.P.N. Development Public Co. Ltd., has yet to contact the authorities.

Construction site accidents and worker fatalities are commonplace and despite frequent assertions of legal action, accountability is in short supply.

Civil engineer Chulert Jitjurjun, who’s assisting the investigation, said after the site inspection that a faulty installment of the crane might have caused the collapse. He also said the crane was old and partly damaged.

The national engineering council will permanently revoke the engineers’ license if found responsible for the accident, Chulert said, adding that the collapse only had a minor impact on the building structure.

Sompot said it’s not yet known if any engineers were at the site when the accident occurred.

The Yan Nawa district administration ordered the site closed and construction work suspended 30 days.